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Saint vincent Bank account

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We specialize in opening euro bank accounts, offering best part of advise and consultation for investments in Switzerland, Austria, Latvia and USA.

Swiss Investement Bank Account

Enjoy the security and privacy of your own Swiss Investment Bank accounts. We help to open your Investment Swiss bank account.

It is a leading Swiss online investment bank. Through its online trading platform, TradingFloor, you can trade from home in more than 130 currency pairs, in forex options, CFD, equities, futures and precious metals.

There is no maintenance fee. The only fees on the account are for trades.

You select the currency in which you want the account to be. You also have the possibility to have sub-accounts in other major currencies.

Support in English, French, Deutsch, Italian and Spanish.

Switzerland's banking secret is mostly for tax issues. Bank do not provide information on to tax authorities.

The minimum amount to open an account is 5000 CHF (about 4000$).Bank do not offer debit cards or credit cards. You can make withdrawals by wire transfer.

For the account opening process, it is required to complete, sign and date "Account opening documents". And incluide:

(1) A copy of your passport, showing the date of expiration, duly certified by a notary or a public authority.
(2) A utility bill less that 3 months old confirming legal address
(please note that the legal address on the contract and your legal address will need to be the same)

US entities will only be able to trade Forex

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Prepaid Mastercard free delivery

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Switzerland offers the best banking secrecy and stability in the world. We help you to open your account at a major Swiss bank. Opening a bank account in Switzerland can be confusing and extremely time consuming unless you know intimately the Swiss banks, their policies and procedures. We cut through the red tape to get you the Swiss bank account you need. 

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